Environment and energy

Energy and sustainability, the most advanced services


Our workforce and extensive experience in the environmental and energy sector allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.

Dremex offers users a team of professionals who will consider all alternatives for a viable project. We specialize in the recovery of degraded areas, enjoying the synergy that occurs between office and work, which generates a feedback that makes the experience.

In the energy sector, a major part of our work consists of getting to know all production and energy saving systems in order to provide the optimal solution within the proper parameters of sustainability and professionalism.

Our services in the environmental and energy field adapt to new market demands:

Environmental Services

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Reports of environmental sustainability
  • Environmental reporting
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Regeneration of degraded areas
  • Removal of invasive plants with high potential
  • Sanitation
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Design of WWTP and WTP

Energy Services

  • Energy Services
  • Energy efficiency in street lighting
  • Energy audits
  • Studies on energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy management and optimization of contracts and rates
  • Setup Projects and improvement of industrial electrical networks and street lighting
  • Traditional and renewable energies
  • Grants and Energy Efficiency
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