Engineering and Architecture

Design and innovation in every project


At Dremex, we provide different solutions that offer functional benefits to our customers.  We approach every project as a challenge which motivates us to improve day by day to achieve the highest professional levels. We have the latest technology to provide the quality and precision that every project deserves.

We apply our knowledge, experience and inspiration to carry out projects with creativity and ingenuity. Our work in the field of engineering and architecture entails getting a perfect adaptation to the time and resources available to us, maintaining the highest standard of quality.

We offer the following services in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Architecture:

Civil Engineering

  • Design, operation and maintenance of roads and railways
  • Bike lanes, pedestrian walks and paths
  • River and Sea Engineering
  • Calculation of structures and foundations
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • Surveying and 3D scanner

Industrial Engineering

  • Design of HV networks and B.T. and facilities and housing industry
  • Transformers
  • HVAC, Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Gas and water distribution networks


  • Design of industrial, residential and recreational buildings
  • Rehabilitation and studies of pathologies in building
  • Technical inspection of buildings
  • Energy certifications for housing
  • Valuations


  • Design, planning and engineering of open pit mines
  • Design, planning and engineering of underground mines
  • Works Plan
  • Blasting
  • Mine closure and recovery
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